Benefits of Reading News Every Day

Do you like reading news? Whether it’s reading news in newspapers, magazines, television, or radio from your smartphone through the Opera News application. It turns out that reading the news has many benefits for us. Here are some of the benefits from that we will get if we read the news regularly:

By reading the news you will get knowledge and also the latest information such as developments in the business world, new policies implemented in Jakarta (odd/even license plate rules for motorized vehicles, for example), or information about various sports events, which will be useful later. The more information and knowledge you get, the richer your insight will be.

Adding Vocabulary
If you regularly read the news every day, you will get a lot of new vocabulary. These words will be useful and you can use when doing college assignments, work, or when you have to communicate formally.

Increase Concentration
Who would have thought, that based on research conducted by neurobiologist from Stanford University, Natalie Phillips, reading the news for approximately 15 to 20 minutes before leaving for campus or work can improve your concentration. Reading the news trains ourselves and our brains to focus more on one problem.

Reduce Stress
Reading the news can reduce the effects of stress that humans feel. A group of scientists from Sussex University, United States, found that reading a book at night, before going to bed, can reduce a person’s stress levels by up to 68%. By reading, humans will relax their brains and relax tense nerves. Try reading light news, such as sports news, entertainment, or funny viral news.

Prevent Alzheimer
Reading activities, such as reading the news, were able to keep brain cells alive, while preventing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in our brains. Because by reading, the brain remains active and makes it not easy to lose memory. You could say, reading is an “exercise” for the human brain to stay fit.