Back-Up Battery Or Power Is Necessary For Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are a solution to increase safety and comfort as city density and crime rates increase. Because automatic gates can be opened using a remote, homeowners no longer need to push/open gates that often weigh hundreds of kilograms. Moreover, this comfort will be felt when it rains heavily, the sun is hot or when you come home late at night. Doors that can be opened automatically certainly make your life easier and reduce the risk of injury. Even the electric aluminium gates machine has been designed for field conditions (hot and rainy) so that the maintenance required is very minimal.

However, there is one very relevant and important question:

‘What if the lights go out?’

These are the questions we hear frequently from our clients and here are the available solutions:

Backup Battery – Automatic fencing machines from well-known brands provide easy-to-install battery backups. In the event of a power outage, this battery provides enough energy so that your automatic gate can run normally. Imagine this battery backup is like a ‘power bank’ that can recharge your machine when the lights go out. The battery backup installation process is very easy. Vendors and qualified installation teams usually immediately recommend the installation of this additional battery for your convenience.

Forced to push manually – If your automatic gate is not equipped with a spare battery, then access to and out of your house can be done manually. gate machines with well-known brands usually allow you to push the door manually when there is an emergency such as a power outage. A good installation team should also provide this explanation.

Certain situations require you to have backup power or battery for your automatic gate. That’s why always prepare for such a battery or backup power just in case there’s a blackout in your neighbourhood either due to technical issues or natural disasters.

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