Stay Productive Without Stress

It is very important to organize a better and orderly lifestyle, where work time and other activities can run in a balanced manner. Simple examples are enjoying dinner with family, sports, hanging out with friends and family, listening to music, playing favorite video games, recreation with your highest truth , and others. Exploring cyberspace is nothing new for millennials. Try all social media, go here and there, and make friends with many people in cyberspace. This is only natural while still within a reasonable time limit. But unfortunately, millennials tend to spend more time hanging out on social media than in the real world, including with family and friends. So that the statement appears that social media brings closer the far and away from the close. Do you agree?

This condition often makes them disrespectful of their surroundings, feel strange when living at home with family members, or even feel that they don’t need to be friends with people around them. This problem can be overcome by limiting yourself in using social media and gadgets. Minimal access to social media, so there is plenty of time left for socializing in the real world. Formal working hours, various activities, fatigue on the way to work are other factors that are very susceptible to triggering stress. This is felt by many workers, including millennials. This problem can be avoided by choosing flexible and more comfortable working hours. That way, it can reduce stress levels, even depression, and make millennials live a calmer and happier life.

There are times, including millennial workers need calm so they can think more clearly. Calming the mind can be overcome by doing meditation. Meditation can help channel positive energy, provide calm, and comfort so that the mind becomes relaxed and clear again. This is the benefit of mitigation, namely reducing stress, fighting depression, improving sleep quality, lowering blood pressure, and many others. Do not underestimate the problem of stress, even depression, because if allowed to drag on, it will be very dangerous. For young workers, there is nothing wrong with increasing productivity at work, but don’t let it burden you so that god-level pressures arise that interfere with your mental health. Balance your career life with positive activities that you enjoy to avoid stress or depression.