NASDAQ Trading Sytem That Worth To Get Your Attention

NASDAQ decided to make an index of the highest 100 companies that were involved in providing services and/or goods on the web . But has it made enough of a splash – or are there still many people that still haven’t even heard of it, one year on? There is no questioning the very fact that this was an honest idea, a minimum of partially . But like all good ideas it does have its drawbacks also , not least of which is that the very nature of it means it really only applies within the US. Still, within that area it does have its place and maybe we should always expect a replacement index like this one to require a while in establishing itself. So what does this index tell us? Well come visit it tells us how the highest 100 internet companies that are concerned with internet marketing or other similar services are performing against one another . But since this only applies therein one country we’ve no way of deciding how internet businesses do as an entire.

But maybe it’ll pave the way for a more global view of the web market within the future. Most of the people would agree that while the main street suffers in times of hardship and recession, the web never really seems to possess many problems. Cheaper prices and therefore the absence of queues and other hassles are indicative of each single online business, which means people are more likely, not less likely, to flock to the web when money is tight.

The NASDAQ internet index can certainly back this up as far as those top performing businesses within the US are concerned, and perhaps if an identical system was found out in each individual country – or a minimum of the most performers during this arena – we could start to ascertain what percentage more internet businesses do within the current climate.